In the 90s it was remarkable to have a website for any business but in 2000 maximum conventional businesses had developed their own website and most websites have not more than five pages and they also did not think about Website Redesigning. The concept of e-commerce websites was also not very popular at that time.

But today after two decades the website design and handling of a website have totally changed. Now having a website is one of the most important parts of any traditional or digital business.

A website is a complete profile of your business. You can attract your maximum audience and sell products and services through your website. If you have a responsive and optimized website you can achieve your business goals easier and deal with your competitors.

You will read below the 5 primary business goals that you can achieve by redesigning your website.

1-      Brand Awareness and Reputation Enhancement

A website can increase brand awareness and brand reputation and the business owners can cash that enhancement to build more trust among their potential customers.

The process of brand awareness and reputation building is sensitive and it needs the right direction by the right individuals. It can become very crucial if it is not handled properly which can also damage a business reputation.

A study has shown us that 38% of the people exit a website if it does not have valuable content and attractive and user-friendly design. How can they trust you with a poor representation of your business profile?

Bad and Good Web Design

Web design requirements are changing day by day as per the needs of customers and the market. It is sometimes difficult to define web design principles. As experts in web design, we have analyzed hundreds of websites and found these valuable design principles which can highlight the difference between a good website and a bad website. For more information contact Gold Coast Web Designer experts Xenex Media and we can assist you in representing your business needs in the digital world.

Bad and Good Web Design - Website Redesigning

A good website requires:

  •       User-friendly and easy to understand navigation
  •       Correct use of animations and videos
  •       Mobile supportive font and color scheme
  •       Design layout, spacing, typography, and content to appear with a clean layout
  •       Use balance of colors, shapes, pictures, fonts, white space, and overall visually appealing interface
  •       The theme should be relevant to the topic
  •       Organized and optimized content and design elements

By following these principles you can make your web design more pleasing, easy to understand and easy to use. Excellent user experience can give the maximum results.

Now you know that a good website can give more positive results and increase brand awareness and reputation. Firstly, insert valuable content in your website to educate your customers then improve your graphical representation through website redesigning to sell your services and products.

Always follow the previous and latest development, designing and SEO Google standards. It is a good objective for any successful website designer. The business owners should improve the SEO of a website from time to time. Content optimization, authorize link building, user-friendly layout, speed optimization are some of the important parts of SEO strategy.

2-      Lead Your Industry

A well-structured website is always ready to get high authority backlinks. If you pick the relevant and trustworthy backlinks you are increasing your reputation online.  Your business can lead to the relevant market if you have a high quality of links not a large number of backlinks.

You can increase your ranking by giving valuable material to your audience. You can start your official blog and publish well-researched, informative and interesting material on a weekly basis. Moreover, with user-friendly website design, you use slideshows, whitepapers, videos marketing, infographics, and much more to grab the user attention.

lead your industry

Creating backlinks is a good process but you can become an industry leader by focusing and updating your official blog with informative and interesting content.

In the beginning, your website may have not enough traffic so you can find high traffic, trustworthy, and relevant outreach blog and publish your content on the relevant websites. You should listen to your audience and provide them with solutions for their problems in your blog posts.

This is how you can increase your value and become an industry leader.

 3-  Lead Generation

A website is a collection of text and graphical representation. It is like a newspaper or a billboard. But you should not use your website as an advertisement forehead but focus on providing suggestions of why they should choose your product or services over a competitor? You should educate them on what your services will do? What is your offering? How you are different from your competitors?

 Lead Generation

FAQs Section. You can provide them FAQs section to help them in their common questions/issues, be informative. They can get answers from this section and only call you for further discussions or for conversion.

A/B Testing. This is a split testing format which can give you the best fit between two different entities. You can insert a call to action plans after getting results. This is a very useful technique to analyze the components of your website and improve them.

Customer in Mind (sell and again sell). You can easily increase the lifetime value of your website after redesigning it. You can collect user data by using the forum, email subscription and use them to re-target for more conversion. You can ask them for positive and provide honest feedback which you can use for further improvements.

This is how you can do lead generation and successfully convert your traffic into conversions which is the main goal of any business.

4- Understand Your Audience Properly

You should do research work to understand your digital market and its pros and cons. This is how you can find and understand your competitors too. You can apply your observations and get maximum user response after collecting data about market research and competitor’s analysis.

You can provide more value to your potential clients if you understand them. Companies invest a great deal on tracking and analyzing customers and their needs.

focus on your customers - Website Redesigning

There are paid and free tools available in the global market. Like AHREFs offer a seven day trial for approx. $10 AUD. SEMrush provides five limited search queries on a daily basis. Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, and Google Analytics are offering free analytical services to the controllers.

You can use these tools to find out the region, timing, interfaces, and demographics, etc of your traffic and you can use those details to enhance your website and marketing campaigns.

5- Enhance User Experience

A users experience of a website describes the success of a website. A website designed poorly and has improper use of content (text & graphics), incorrect implementation of widgets, icons, buttons, and color scheme, etc always lead to distracting the audience. If a user gives up on your website so he or she will not come back because of poor user experience.

However,  if everything is well aligned and inserted with a proper hierarchy it will increase the user experience. The user will be more likely to spend more time on your website. If you have interesting content it can increase the dwell time and decrease your bounce rate.

Enhance User Experience Through Website Redesigning

Spiders of search engines note the rich user experiences on all websites and assign the ranking over the competitors. So you can increase your user interest by website redesigning.

These five important business targets of website redesigning can give you profit and return. Always update your website with attractive design, unique and valuable content. You should educate yourself to make these changes on your own but you can also contact Xenex Media who are professional, knowledgeable web designers Gold Coast for advice, lifetime solutions and providing you with not only an attractive website but one that works.


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