5 Steps to Protect Website from Hackers

Oct 2, 2019 | OUR TIPS

Being a website owner, there is nothing more horrifying to see your work entirely wiped out by a hacker. It is a common observation that we see data breaches and hacks. You might think, why would someone come after your website? Remember that hackers don’t only happen to big companies. According to a recent report, 43% of small businesses are victims of total data breaches. Keeping all this in mind, if you are looking for a professional company to provide more secure website security services, then you need to connect with Xenex Media, professional web design and digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast.

We understand the importance of your website and you need to protect your site from hackers by implementing the following protection tips:

1- Install Your Security Plugins

If you are building your website with a content management system (CMS), then you need to enhance your website security with plugins. These plugins will actively prevent your website from hacking attempts. Each of the main CMS options has security plugins available. Most of them are free. Have a look below:

Security plugins for WordPress: iThemes Security, Bulletproof Security, Wordfence, fail2Ban, and Sucuri

Security options for Magento: Amasty, Watchlog Pro, and MageFence

Security extensions for Joomla: JHackGuard, jomDefender, and RSFirewall

Website Protection from Antivirus


These options will address the security vulnerabilities that are inherent in each platform and additional types of hacking attempts that will threaten your website. To protect your website, you need to hire an experienced website development company to provide you with the best security services too.

In addition to this, all websites either running a CMS-managed site or HTML pages will get benefits from considering SiteLock. Note that SiteLock closes the website security loopholes by offering daily monitoring from malware detection to vulnerability identification and active virus scanning along with many more features. If your business is highly dependent on your website, then SiteLock is definitely a great investment.

2- Always Use HTTPS

Being a consumer, you always need to look for a green lock image and https in your browser when you provide sensitive information to a website. These five little letters are significant for your hacker security. An SSL certificate is important because this will secure the transfer of information like credit cards, contact information, and personal data between your website and server.

It is important to note that an SSL certificate is essential for e-commerce website development. In July 2018, Google Chrome released a security update that gave the alert to website visitors that do not have an SSL certificate installed.

It is a fact that the search engines are taking website security very seriously. Search engines want users to have a positive and safe experience while browsing. Taking commitment of security further, a search engine will rank your website lower in search results if you do not have an SSL certificate. Moving on, if you want people to trust your brand, then you need to invest in an SSL certificate. The price for an SSL certificate is minimal but this will provide an extra level of encryption to make your website more secure and trustworthy.

3- Keep your Website Platform and Software Updated

Utilising a CMS with a wide variety of useful plugins and extensions provide you with great benefits, but it also comes with big risk as well. Due to a large number of open-source software programs, their codes are easily accessible for good developers and for malicious hackers. Hackers can break the security easily and this allows them to take control of your website due to the script weaknesses. Website security services can update your application versions and also fix the malware issues.

In order to protect your website, you need to ensure that the content management system, plugins, apps, and scripts already installed should be updated to the latest versions. If you are looking for a skilled company to get maximum security results for your website, then you need to contact Xenex Media for the best results.

if you are running a website built on WordPress, then you can check whether you are updated by quickly logging into your WordPress dashboard. You should look for the update icon in the top left corner next to your site name.

4- Use Secure Passwords

This seems very simple but it is very important. It is better to pick a password that you can easily remember. Due to this, the common password is 123456. But if you are looking to prevent hacking, then you need to come up with a better password that nobody can guess.

You need to make an effort to figure out a secure password by making your password long with a mixture of special characters, numbers, and letters. Remember that you should not use an easy to guess keyword like a birthday or your child’s name.

Using a high standard for password security is step one. You need to ensure that everyone who has access to your website has similarly strong passwords. On the other hand, one weak password within your team can make your website vulnerable to a data breach. Therefore everyone who has access to your website should have a strong password.

5- Invest in Automatic Backups

It is a fact that even if you are doing everything else by yourself, you can still face some risks. The worst-case scenario of a website hack is that you will lose everything because you have forgotten to take a back up of your website. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by ensuring that you always have a backup.

Note that a data breach will be stressful in every case. But if you have a current backup then recovering will be much more very easy and less stressful. you should also use website security services to save your data and efforts. You should make a habit of manually backing up your website on a daily or weekly basis. Furthermore, if there is a slight chance that you will forget to take a backup, then you should invest in automatic backups. This is one of the most affordable ways to get peace of mind.

We hope you are more aware of the five steps to protect your website from hackers. To protect your website, you need to hire the skilled web developers of Xenex Media for better security.