On October 26th, 2015, Google made an interesting announcement that took the SEO world by storm that is know as the Google RankBrain. It was a big secret that they were going to use Artificial Intelligence to enhance their search results.

It is important to note that Google declared RankBrain as one of the three most important ranking factors. In March 2016, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google confirmed that two other ranking factors other than RankBrain are content and links. To improve your ranking on search engine results, you should get in touch with a professional company like Xenex Media for successful SEO services Gold Coast.

It is important to note that Google receives around 15% of the search requests that are entirely new. Now, 15% may not seem like a big number However Google receives around 3 billion search requests every day in various forms. The list includes voice searches, web searches, or image searches. Google has no historical data about these requests. It is not easy to understand which pages are a good fit for such queries? And how to decide the rankings?

There is no way that Google will know it. So, before RankBrain came into being, Google was making the best guess of what might be the most relevant results. You can imagine that this was not an optimum solution.

How Efficient is RankBrain?

Allow us to explain the efficiency of RankBrain with a simple example: Let’s suppose you enjoyed a particular song in a movie you watched recently and you want to download it. But unfortunately, you have no idea what is the name of the song, so you can search it by using the query “What is the first song in frozen.”

Google is still able to return results for the first song in the movie “Frozen” and it will be linked to various YouTube videos. This is because Google actually understands what you are referring to the movie “Frozen”, not as an adjective.

For improving your ranking by using RankBrain properly, you need to adopt the right SEO techniques. This is only possible by hiring SEO expert from a skilled company.

6 Ways to Optimise Your Website for RankBrain?

If are planning to get a good ranking in Google searches, then you need to optimise your website and content for RankBrain.

Here are six ways that will help you to optimise your website for RankBrain:

1- How to Build Websites Reputation

You need to spend some time to understand what your audience likes to read. You need to figure out on what type of content do spend more time.  For instance, if your target audience is new moms, then they will be interested in topics related to infants or toddlers. It is important to note that what your audience likes and you should create more content related to that topic.

Remember that just creating content isn’t enough. For building your website’s reputation, you have to work on obtaining quality backlinks as well. You can go for guest posts on high-authority websites that are having similar target audience. This will give you more traffic and greater visibility.

2- Focus on Medium Tail Keywords

The way RankBrain is working, the long-tail keywords will soon be history. In the past, Google used to get results according to the exact keywords used. So, you will get different results for ‘best speakers for computer’ and ‘best computer speakers.’

RankBrain understands that both these search queries have the exact same meaning. So it will be given the same search results. To optimise RankBrain, you need to optimise medium tail keywords. Remember that optimising medium tail keywords provides automatic optimisation for long-tail keywords in RankBrain. In addition to this, you have to create more quality content. With this, you can easily optimise content for medium tail keywords.

3- Create Content According to User Intent

RankBrain focuses a lot on content. If you write good content, then you can easily optimise your website. Furthermore, if your content is not good, then your CTR will drop. Remember that readers will not come back to your website and this will lead to a lower ranking in RankBrain. In order to boost your CTR, you should connect with professionals for SEO services Gold Coast.

It looks like RankBrain is making it difficult for websites to get better rankings. You don’t have to focus too much on finding relevant keywords. Furthermore, if you are writing an article on desserts, then RankBrain will pick up ‘desserts’ and its related terms as keywords. So’ automatically words like ‘sweets’ and ‘sweet dish’ will be considered as keywords.

4- Increase Click-Through Rates

Google’s quality score algorithm will rate your website based on your keywords and the quality of content. Note that the click-through rate is an important part of the quality score algorithm. This will give you an idea of the overall user experience of the website. If your CTR is better, then this will benefit your website as well.

For your information, RankBrain learns from human decisions, so you need to ensure that users click on your links. A higher click-through rate is significant for the success of your RankBrain SEO strategy. To improve your CTR, you have to write the content well. You need to do landing page optimisation for increasing CTR.

5- Improve Your Dwell Time

Backlinko has listed the dwell time as one of the important ranking factors. According to this, Google pays attention to the number of time users spend on a page. If people are spending more time on your site, then Google understands that your content is relevant and interesting. Keeping this in mind, you need to ensure that your visitors should not bounce off from your site easily. For improving your dwell time, you should have a solid SEO strategy.

Furthermore, you should make your content engaging. Write your content in paragraphs instead of huge chunks of text. You should divide your content into relevant headings and subheadings.

6- Focus on 10x Content

RankBrain compels content marketers to think again about the way they perceive content. Instead of creating content for specific keywords, the focus is now on entire topics.

For instance, if you are going to write about digital marketing, then you should develop content around SEO services and email marketing. To get your content written well, you can connect with the content marketing agency within your area to create engaging content for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Hope now you are aware of the steps that will help you to optimise the Rank Brain. If you are still having problems improving your business ranking, then you should connect with Xenex Media, an experienced SEO company Gold Coast to improve your visibility on search engines.