It is the wish of every website owner to attract as many visitors as possible. But before this, you have to ensure that your website is accessible by everyone. There are millions of users out there who are relying on sites being accessible and if you are not able to understand their needs, then you are going to miss the majority of the users.

Introduction to Website Accessibility

In an ideal case, everyone should be able to use any website on the internet. People can view the website without any problem of hardware and software they are using. This is the main reason behind the concept of web accessibility. To make your website accessible and attractive at the same time, you should connect with Gold Coast website designers.

It is important to note that there are many disabilities and conditions that can affect the way people are using websites. So, we will be looking at some of the most common categories of impairments:

Vision: Partial or total inability to see or to perceive color contrasts.

Hearing: Reduced ability to hear in some users.

Motor skills: People having difficulty in moving parts of their bodies and making precise movements like using a mouse.

Photosensitive seizures: Conditions like epilepsy can cause seizures that are triggered by flashing lights.

Cognitive disabilities: Many conditions affect cognitive ability such as dyslexia and dementia.

Now, we will be looking at the nine ways that will make your website accessible. Furthermore, if you are looking for professional assistance, then you should hire Gold Coast Website designer of Xenex Media to get satisfactory results. The experts will do everything to make your website accessible, attractive, and functional. 

1- Make Content Easily Accessible

Next, you also need to ensure that all of your content on the page is accessible. In most of the cases, it is not a problem but this can be an issue when a page is having dynamic content. In short, content is dynamic if it changes without the page it’s on reloading. This can be a problem if the site does not inform assistive tools of the change. For instance, many screen readers will only read the site when appeared during its first loads. To set your content right on your website, you should consult with web designers Gold Coast, Queensland. They will guide you in the right direction. 

2- Add Alt Text to All Images

When you are adding the images to WordPress. You might have seen a field with “Alternative Text”. The text placed here will act as a replacement for the image if the picture fails to load.

Remember that alt text is also called as alt attributes, alt descriptions, or alt tags. It is also accessed by screen readers for reading the picture. You can use this field for describing an image and giving context to users who would miss it.

3- Ensure Your Site Is Keyboard-Friendly

This is a pre-requisite. An accessible website should work without the use of a mouse. This is important because most of the assistive technologies rely on keyboard-only navigation. Due to this, it should be possible for the users to use all of your website’s major features via keyboard and nothing else. The task included here are accessing all pages, links, content, and much more.

One of the common ways of navigating using a keyboard is with Tab key. Your goal should be to ensure that all of the content and navigation can be accessed using Tab. In addition to this, if you are looking to improve your content and marketing better for your business website, then you should contact Gold Coast SEO company to improve your ranking.

4- Pick Colors Carefully

It is essential to select the text that stands out against the background. In the majority of the cases, a dark color is used against a light one. This is done to ensure that colors don’t get mixed into each other.

You can take help from the online tools to find and test color combinations. Some of the best tools are WebAIM and Contrast Checker to give you a score in real-time. The latter tool will also enable you to switch to monochrome so that you can get an idea of how effective a color combination will be.

5- Craft Content with Accessibility in Mind

Content is the core element of your website. When you are designing your website for accessibility, you have to keep content in your mind. You should be paying attention to minor things like writing out acronyms, giving all unique links, anchor text, and descriptive names. It is your duty to make your website and your content approachable and readable by everyone.

6- Use Headers for Correct Structure of your Content

To make your site accessible, you have to structure your content by using headers carefully. This step will make your content much easier to understand and it will also improve the flow.

In addition to this, clear headers will help screen readers to interpret your pages. This will make it easy to provide in-page navigation. It is very simple to do as you only need to ensure that you are using the correct heading levels in your content. If you are having a problem in optimizing your content, then you can get in touch with Xenex Media, a digital marketing company Gold Coast, Queensland. You will get services regarding content writing, digital marketing, and website designing all under the one roof.

For example, you should only be using one H1 per page usually as the page title. After this, subheadings starting with H2, H3, and later followed by H4. Remember that you should always move in order.

7- Design Forms for Accessibility

Forms without any doubt are a useful addition to websites but you should design them carefully. You should clearly label each field and aim to place the labels adjacent to the respective fields. Furthermore, you should also aim to provide instructions and information clearly so that the user can understand it without any problem. For creating accessible forms in WordPress, you can use a tool like the Caldera Forms builder.

8- Enable Resizable Text That Makes Your Site Look Good

Most of the devices and browsers will enable users to resize text. This feature will be helpful for people with visual impairments. However, if you are not building your site to support this feature, then resizing text can break your design or it can make it difficult for users to interact with your site. To further improve your website appearance, you should always hire the professional Gold Coast website designers.

9- Use Tables Only for Tabular Data

Tables are handy when you are going to display data. The use of the table makes it easy for all users to understand a large amount of data. It is important to note that you should use tables only for tabular data. If you are using tables for layouts, list, or any other things, then this might confuse your reader.


You need to ensure that your site is welcoming as many people as possible. This should be your top priority. With this, you will not only get good traffic but also increased conversion. To get all this done for your business website, hire website designers of Xenex Media. The professional will devise an extensive plan to make your website better for increased sales.