Why should your business or company invest in Facebook marketing 2019? Because of its largest platform, has more than 2 billion users online. In the US and Canada, there is 183 million people use this platform and active every day.

The main good point and is that to start facebook marketing for your business on this platform you don’t need to invest here. You just need to share your content and other posts to reach the potential audience interested in your business. Here, we discuss Facebook marketing for business in 2019.

How to Create a Facebook Marketing plan in the following steps

Define your Audience

A major starting point to start facebook marketing for your business. You just need to know which audience are taking interest, in your business or products. We can define the audience who are interested in our business in the following points.

  1. Age Group
  2. Gender
  3. Country
  4. Language

You can check these matrics by using checking insights of your facebook page or other brands related to your business and target this audience easily organically or through paid advertising on Facebook.

Set your business Goals

Now you need to define your goals for your business according to the platform and select those action points which really impact on your business goals or meet your goals like,

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Increase conversions on your website
  3. Improve customer services
  4. Improve your business online traffic
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Facebook Marketing Guide For Business

Create a Facebook Page

Now after this planning, you just need to create a facebook page for your business, where you can easily share your content related to your business and it can be.

  1. Content post
  2. Video post
  3. Infographics post
  4. Live Video sessions
  5. Linked Post

And for this, you need fans or followers for your business page to show them your services that your business is offering. Coca-cola is one of the best brand having highest followers on their business page more 150 million fans.

For this, you need to follow these best practices to optimize your business page effectively.

  1. Choose a search-friendly name for your business and this will be your brand name.visual
  2. Set a custom name of your page URL so it can be used on other social media platforms.
  3. Make an About Company section where you can easily define your company and your social media audience easily understand about your business.
  4. Make your profile pic and facebook page understandable, because they are the main visual first impression of your business page and brand.
  5. Now add a call to action button which can be Contact us Button or a Visit our Business website button so these call to action buttons help our potential customer to reach our business.

Start posting on Busines Page

Now you can start posting on your page related to your business. There are different types of posts that you can publish on your business page.

  1. Facebook Content Post
  2. Facebook Picture Post
  3. Facebook Video Post
  4. Facebook Live Video
  5. Linked post ( web page link, or video link)
  6. Pinned Post ( a feature of Facebook that you can use to set your post on top)

Increase your Facebook Page Likes and Followers

Now your page is ready and you have started posting on your page with different types of content posts that can be Pure content, Video or pictures etc. Now you need to increase your facebook likes and followers to get more reach and impressions for your business.

One thing that you need to make sure that your content should be shareable because it is the best way to get more organic reach, impressions, and likes for your business page and if your content is worthy and best in quality then your potential customer will feel happy to share your content on their social media profiles, so you can easily get more reach, impressions, likes, and followers for your business page and this will help you to generate leads from social media platforms.

Now the second thing that we need to follow compulsory if any customer wants to interact with you and ask any kind of query related to your business than you need to actively answer these queries because this will help us to get more followers for our business and also help us to get potential customers for our business and, if you are not engaging with your page or not answering the queries of your customers, then they will also dislike your page or unfollow your business page which is a negative point and your reach start going down.

Last but not least, the third point for facebook marketing always post your updated content on your page and if any change is made in your business which is related to the public then update this change on your page in form of a post.

Think of creating a facebook group

Once you have started to get followers for your business page, now you need to consider to create a group for your business. Because according to the analysis more than one 1 billion users are using groups every month and creating a group is just like a Coffee shop where people like to come and discuss different topics with each other.

Creating a Facebook group is just like gathering your fans in one place where they can start the discussion with each other about your business and your existing fans can easily add new members to your group, which increase the potential of your business and you will get more fans and followers for your business.

Start Facebook ads for your business

Facebook algorithm show your content to your family or friends. This means that not to all or majority. Content only show to your followers. That’s where facebook advertisement comes. Facebook ads help you to share your content with your target audience according to their location, gender, language, and, age. This will help you to show your product to the right audience so you will get leads and conversions for your business.

You can track your ad by using Facebook Pixels, which is a small piece of code that you need to put in your website and it will help you to track the exact audience for future ads, this will also include leads and conversion that you get after implementing the Facebook Pixels. By using Facebook Pixels Data you can start Remarketing to generate more leads and conversions for your business by adding custom audience data that you collect from Facebook Pixels.

There is a lot about Facebook marketing that you can learn easily to engage more audience for your business page and get more followers for your business.

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