Now, a day’s cyber crimes or attacks are the major problems of online security on different websites. In 2018 there are 4 times more malspam emails which contain spam or malicious links which harm the security of your system. These links are also spread on Social Media platforms including messaging application and text messages. Malware is one of the most expensive cyber attacks on companies websites which is round about 2.4 Million Dollars worth attack. Here, we will discuss how can we ensure that a specific website or link is safe for us or not by using these 3 best online tools to check a website or a link is safe or not. Now, we discuss How to Check a Website or a link is safe by using these 3 tools.

Norton Safeweb

Norton Safeweb tool is a tool by Norton Antivirus, this online tool can analyze the whole link according to the cybersecurity whether this link is safe or not. This tools also provide information related to the website’s computer or server that is it safe or not including eCommerce security validation which helps us to check whether we should buy any product or services from this website or not.

Website Security Checker

Google Transparency Report

Every day Google check billions of websites that they are safe or unsafe and Google Uncover thousands of dangerous or spam website every day. To check any website or link you just need to put the link of the website in Google’s online tool Google Transparency Report. This tool will show that the content of a website is safe for you or not.

Website Scanner


URL Void is one of the best online tools for the security check of a website or link whether this website is safe or not to buy any service or product.

To perform this process of check URL Void through over the specific link on 30 blacklisted engines and online website reputation services.

URL VOID also provide you security report that includes

  1. Blacklist status
  2. Domain Registration
  3. IP Address
  4. ASN Information
  5. Server Location
  6. City and Region
Malware Scanner