What is a content strategy?

     Content strategy means to manage the tangible media which is created or owned by you like: written data, video etc. Content strategy is a part of the digital marketing plan which is continuously updated and show what are your expertise. Here will discuss How to create a content strategy.

How to create a content marketing strategy?

Define your Goals/Business Goals

     What is your aim for creating a content marketing strategy?. Why do you need to create a content strategy in your marketing plan?. For this you need to know about your goals before content marketing planning, so you can easily determine which strategy is best for you.

Develop a persona research

To create or develop a successful plan you need to know that what is your targeted audience. This research is important for those who are starting out or are new in marketing. By knowing your exact audience you can easily create relevant and updated content for your audience on the daily base and you can easily convert them into your valuable clients.

If you are an experienced marketing expert you can easily change your targeted audience or expand your audience in your content marketing strategy.

Run Content Audit

Most of the marketers or people start blog posting, but if you want to venture out and try to produce other pieces of content. For example, if you’re performing weekly blog posting for the past year, creating Ebook that contains all of your blog posts into one ultimate E-guide which is a different form of offering information to your audience.

Choose a content management system

Now you need to choose a content management system where you can easily manage your content. A few major parts of content management include

  1. Content creation
  2. Content Publication
  3. Content analytics

For content management, you can use WordPress content management system where you can easily manage your content and check analytics of your content without any problem. If you are part of Xenex Media you can get our Digital Marketing Services Gold Coast which helps you to create a content strategy and manage the whole content of your business.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

Now you need to start brainstorming for new content or post ideas for your content project. Here some tools that will help you to create new content ideas for your project.

Decide which type of content you want to create

There are many options or types of content that you can easily create by yourself or by using different tools. Here is some of the most popular content types that you can create for your content marketing.

Types of Content Marketing
  1. Blog Posts
  2. Ebooks
  3. Case Studies
  4. Templates
  5. Infographics
  6. Videos
  7. Podcasts
  8. Social Media
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How to create a content strategy (Hubspot)

Publish  and Manage your content

Now in the last step, you need to create a strategy of publishing and managing your content that you create for your audience and business. To manage your content you need to create editorial calendars and Social media editorial calendar which helps you to easily manages your content posts or data. Social Media editorial calendar helps you to manage your content on different social media platforms so you can easily create and maintain your content data.