Every brand wants to be on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, and also Snapchat. These are the huge social media marketing platforms where different brands exist and perform their social media marketing activities to get more audience engagement and reach. Here, we will discuss “How to start social media marketing as a beginner in 2019” and we will share some effective Social media marketing techniques 2019 that you need to follow to start social media marketing for your brand or company to get more social media reach, and engagement.

How to Start social media marketing as a beginner


The first thing that you need to do is pick up the right social media platform for your brand or company. If you are a B2B company then Linkedin is a perfect social media platform for your brand and you can easily connect or engage with other companies and if you are a B2C company then Facebook  and Twitter, Instagram these social media platforms are best for you to engage more customers or audience to get more social media reach or engagement for your brands.

If you are good in video making then you can use Youtube platform for your company or brand to get more engagement and reach for your brand and Youtube is best for both type of companies B2B and B2C.


Now in the second step, you have to start creating content for your company and share this content on your social media platforms. But, first, you need to complete your social media profiles of pages with full information which is required to show your audience who you are and why they have to follow your brand or company and what services that you are giving to your customers or audience.

To create content for your company or brand, first, you need to check who is your close competitor and what kind of content they are creating and sharing on social media.

You can also check on BuzzSumo related to your content that which content posts are shared on social media platforms and how many shares they are getting.

Some people can’t write content, so they can update their status or post-event pictures or videos related to their account or page from other resources so they can easily get more engagement and reach for their pages and profiles.


One of the major step/tips is to built connections on social media platforms. For this you need to add your friend in your contacts, so you can easily build the new connection on your social profiles or you can invite them to like your page.

You can also build connections by sharing other profiles posts or by commenting on the posts that they have shared on their profile. You can answer the question of the audience on other posts that will help you to create social media connections for your profile or page.

If you share a post on your page or social profile and if someone asks a question in the comment section always response them by giving them thanks in a positive. This will help you to build your social media connections.


 The last tip for social media marketing as a beginner, Don’t go for the follower’s count. It’s all about having valuable connections or followers. Sometimes there are thousands of followers or likes but if a company publish a post they have very low engagement and very low reach on their posts which is not good. But if a person has hundred loyal followers and whenever he/she post on their social profile or page they are getting more engagement and every follower is participating and sharing their posts.

Having thousands of followers doesn’t matter it’s all about loyal followers or audience who are getting interest in your posts and follow your activities, because now social media algorithms very intelligent, if you have hundreds of followers and all of them, are getting interested in your posts and giving comments likes and share then they will automatically make your post viral and if you have thousands of followers but no one is taking interest or giving no comments it will come to decline.

So, always focus on loyal followers, not followers count and this will help you to get more reach and engagement on your profile and posts.

These are the social media marketing techniques 2019 for beginners which help you to start social media marketing for your brand or company to get more engagement and reach.