Social media marketing is the most powerful tool for business of all sizes to reach the most worthy customers. Your customers are already interacting with different brands on different social media marketing platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and Reddit, Quora etc. If you are not connected with your customers or audience by using these social media platforms than you are missing out to great customers for your business. Social Media Marketing helps you to bring remarkable success to your business and even driving online leads and sales for your business. Here, we will discuss How to Start Social Media marketing for a company.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing is a form of internet marketing which helps you to share the content of your business online on different platforms to your worthy audience to achieve business goals. Social Media Marketing platforms help you to share different content like Text post, Images, Graphics, Links of websites or blog, and, videos that help you to drive audience or traffic to your website and more engagement for your social media profile or page. Before starting social media marketing, first, you need to make a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business.

Start Social Media Marketing with a Proper Plan

Before starting a social media marketing campaign first, you need to consider your business goals. Starting a social media marketing without a social media marketing strategy is like Wondering in a jungle without a map, you might have fun but you will be lost in the jungle.

Here, is some questions before starting social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are the goals that you want to achieve through social media platforms?
  3. What message that you want to send to your audience through social media platforms?

How social media marketing will help you to achieve your business goals?

Social Media Marketing platforms will help you to achieve the number of goals like

  1. Increasing your web traffic
  2. Build Conversions
  3. Raise your brand awareness
  4. Improving communication between your audience
  5. Creating a positive brand identity

 How to choose the best social media platform for your business marketing?

Here, we will discuss how to select a specific social media platform according to your business nature. Because every social platform have a different approach, so for this, we need to create a unique social media marketing strategy.


To start social media marketing on Facebook we need to create a Facebook Business page for our business or brand, where we can easily communicate with our customers or audience.

Facebook is such a type of social media platform where people feel easy in chat communication with different businesses, so you need to make yourself active on Facebook to gain more reach and engagement for your business.

Note: Facebook is limited for organic reach, so here we need to focus on proper paid social media marketing to achieve business goals plus for more organic reach we need to more active and share content on Facebook for more organic reach.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media marketing platforms. Pinterest is Images base social media platform where you can easily share your content in the form of images and services and you can also use infographics to explain your different services. Anyone can benefit from using Pinterest for social media purposes or sales driving ads.


 Instagram is same like Pinterest image-based social media marketing platform but linked with and owned by Facebook. You can share your image post with proper content and hashtags in your post to reach more audience and engagement. Instagram is such a type of platform where you can easily generate leads and engagement for your business organically and by using a paid advertisement. This platform is based on hashtag if you are using proper and more hashtags related to your post you will get more impressions and engagement.

Note: You can use Facebook and Instagram Social Media platforms for crossposting which can b organic or paid post.


Twitter is a type of social media marketing tool that will help you broadcast your updates across the web. Follow twitters in your industry or in your field then you will get a steady stream of followers.

Publish your tweets with proper discount posts,  news, with fun and brand awareness tweets for your business. Retweet your posts when a customer has something good to say about your brand or business, and don’t forget to ask questions related to your services because on twitter audience like to communicate and dialogue related to different topics.

By using different Social media platforms you can reach more audience for your business.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics help you to create a powerful social media marketing strategy for your business. Every social media platforms have his own Social Media Insights or analytics which helps you analyze what metrics or results improve your social media presence by performing organic or paid ads.

Social Media Analytics helps you to get these results.

  1. In which day and time more audience is active
  2. Which Gender is interested in your business
  3. What is the age of your audience which is interested in your business
  4. From which location (City, country) your audience is taking interest in your business.
Social media analytics

All of these results you will get from your Social Media Analytics of insights, in the insights section of your business profile or page.