How to Write a Stunning Blog Post

Dec 13, 2018 | OUR TIPS

People think that writing a blog post is very difficult, but in my point of view, there is no difficulty to write a blog post for your own blog if you know about your selected NICHE and different topics about your selected field. To write a blog post you just need to follow these steps to make a proper blog post with amazing content. But the first thing that we need to know, there are different types of post for a blog like.
1. How to Post
2. Slides Base Presentation Post
3. List Base Blog Post
4. Infographics post

Now, we are going to discuss how to write a stunning blog post for your own blog.

Steps for how to write a stunning blog post in 2019

Understand who is your audience

Before writing a proper blog post, you have to know that which audience you are going to target and what they want to know and what terms people are used to searching for your niche or other related topics in your niche.

Select a Domain for your blog

Now, you have to select a domain for your own blog where you can manage your content or posts of your blog easily. To select a domain for your blog or website you need to follow these 10 Tips for Choosing the perfect Domain Name“.

Write an intro to your blog post

In this step, you need to write a proper introduction to your topic or blog post to grab the attention of your audience and you can perform this task of grabbing the attention of your audience by
1. Making a joke
2. By showing them statistics
3. By telling an interesting story

Organize your content properly

Sometimes our blog post content is according to the audience and full of information but not organized, and audience interest is going down.
To make our content interesting, we need to organize our content properly so the audience read easily and understand what information we are sharing.

Here is an example of a post “Steps of Creating a facebook account?”
1. Step one “open Facebook
2. Click on Create New account
3. Fill up the whole sign-up form
4. Now click on submit button
5. Verify your account through your email or Mobile Number
6. After Verification, you can log in your account by entering Email and Password.

Write your blog post

Now, you can start writing your blog post with your amazing and creative content with proper syntax. Now can easily find your outline for your blog post by following the above steps.

Proofread your blog post and fix your formatting

In the last step, you just need to proofread your  blog post so that you can check your grammatical mistakes and can fix your formate of content