You need to keep two audiences in mind while website redesign. The first is Google (or other search engines) and secondly your users. To update the design of your website, speaking to experts like Xenex Media will help you to identify any problems regarding your website’s design and to improve your website’s ranking.

An innovative design with cool features may not be totally appreciated by the search engines by your user will like your content. In addition to this, efforts for raising your ranking is a time-consuming process. Due to this business, hire experts to take care of this matter. The experts will do their best to improve your web design so that it can be beneficial for your SEO ranking as well.

Following are some of the things that you should keep in your mind before moving in:

The Relation Between Design and Ranking


Many people wonder, how a business rank first on Google? In reality, you may need hours to explain the answers. But still, it is enough to say that website redesign coupled with content writings, business listings, and social media marketing will provide you great results. You need to understand that the proper website optimization will make your effort worthwhile.

website redesign

Without any doubt, the design is one of the important elements to improve your ranking organically as compared to paid advertising. Paid advertising is convenient for promotions or brand recognition. But remember that 90% of the clicks go to organic results. So by investing in developing quality website design will pay you in the long run. To build the best website for your business, you should always hire experienced web designing agency Gold Coast, Queensland to spend your money right.

When you are planning out your new website design. You need to ensure how to speak the search engine’s language. Do you need to look at what bots are looking at when they crawl your website? Also, how do they use the information to determine how well the website is performing?

Ways to Figure out Website Performance


One of the best places to start your website redesign service is to see how well your current website is performing. You should try running fetch and render in Google search console. This will enable the bot to crawl your website and then show you what they saw and how it got there.

This will help you to determine some important factors that you can build into the website design. You need to keep points like mobile compatibility, speed, security, relevance, and user experience in your mind.

Making Search Engine Friendly Website

Keep one thing clear in your mind that the majority of internet searches start on Google. So, their ranking algorithm is designed to deliver the best according to the user’s requirements. Moreover, if you are planning to get web designing and Gold Coast SEO service under one roof, then Xenex Media is the right place for you to visit.

Making Search Engine Friendly Website


There are approximately 200 different ranking factors that you can optimize. This will help you to make search engines understand and even give preference to your page. Some of the ideas that frequently comes in your mind are listed below:

search engine friendly website

Speed: After the speed update in July 2018, slow-loading websites will lose points. This is a response to the fact that users want a website to load in three seconds or less. Keeping this in mind, people are using minimal motion graphics and simple design so that the website can load faster.

Sitemap: Google utilizes this as a cheat sheet for quick navigation through your website architecture. This will also judge how easily a user will navigate across your website. The presence of sitemap will help you to improve your ranking. 

Google Integrations: Naturally, activating Google Search Console and Google maps on the website will provide your preference on another website. This helps you to increase the crawlability and fast indexing.

Security: If your website is not having an SSL certificate, then Google will alert visitors that is not safe and should not be trusted. Similarly, agreement terms and privacy page will also show you that you are having a trusted business. To make our website secure and perfect in terms of design, you should contact a professional web designing company Gold Coast Queensland.

Making User-Friendly Website


user friendly website redesign

Looking to improve the Google rankings? You need to consider the following things:

Mobile Compatibility: This is very important because many of the users believe that companies who are not having mobile websites simply don’t care about this. In fact, 40% of the user will leave the webpage.

Contact Us Page: According to statistics, 64% of the people want to see the company’s contact information on the Homepage. In addition to this, 44% of the visitors will leave if they are not able to find the information. You should not underestimate the power of easy access.

Location: Pointing out your location when necessary is significant for your ranking because Google takes location into account. For instance, a business in Melbourne is not relevant to someone looking for service in Brisbane.

There are also many other ways to make your users happy. But remember that too many things will slow down the webpage. It may turn out to be an overwhelming experience so a selection of feature should be done wisely. Furthermore, you should be paying more attention to your keyword implementation even after the website redesign. For improving your ranking, you should hire the expert digital marketing company Gold Coast to get the best results.

Keywords Usage


Keyword usage is a vast topic. But here we will be discussing the important point. Keywords help search engine to understand the context of a web page and help the users to find it. So, the placement of keyword is very important and it should be relevant to the content. If you will not do this, then the value of your webpage will drop along with your ranking and bounce rate will increase.

You should try out the idea of topic clustering. After a website redesign, a landing page is used to embed keywords which will then link to other pages that will address the topic in detail. This will assist you in ranking high for the specific keywords as Google will analyze that your website is having adequate information regarding the topic.

Still looking to get on top of Google search engine ranking? You should get in touch with professionals of Xenex Media to hire Gold Coast website designers to make your website best in terms of design and functionality.