Everyone wants to rank their website or blog on google first page for more traffic to generate leads. Today, we are going to discuss some on-page SEO techniques to Rank on the First page in 2019. Here are some steps that we need to follow to get the first-page rank on Google by applying these on-page SEO techniques.

Improve Your Website/blog User Experience

  • Broken Links
  • Website Responsiveness

Create good content of your website/blog

  • Content should be Plagiarism Free
  • The content of your website or blog according to the Post or Page Title

Following on-page factors that you should keep in your mind during writing a post of your blog/website.

Blog Post Title

This is the most important factor of on-page SEO technique. The more attractive and interesting optimized your title is the more people will click on your post or web page and you will get high ranking.

The title of your post must be 65 characters in length according to the on-page SEO rules and title should b in H1 heading including keyword and one keyword should not be repeated.

Post Permalink Structure

Post permalink or URL structure is the most important factor of on-page SEO technique in Ranking factors. Your Post URL or Permalink should contain keyword according to the post topic. There should be no special characters or symbols in the Url or permalink of your post and every string should be differentiated by using dashes in URL or permalink structure. Here is an example of perfect Post Permalink structure.

Permalink Structure: https://www.xenex-media.com.au/6-seo-tips-for-a-new-website-blog

Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)

Use of heading tags is one of the most important technique, of On-Page SEO. you should have to use heading tag to highlight the major or important points of your content or blog post and never use H1, h2 or H3 more then 1 or 2 times, because Google algorithms don’t like this method of writing content or blog post.

Meta Tags

Every blog post or web page have their own Meta title and Meta description with unique content this is the most important Ranking factor of On-Page SEO. You should include Meta title and Description in your every post with proper keyword according to your post or web page.

Meta Title length should be: 55 characters

Meta Description length should be: 165 characters

Image Optimization

Image optimization plays an important role in Ranking factor and driving traffic from images search.

Use of keywords in Image title and Alt text help us to make our blog post more focus and traffic boosting factor in image search.

You should rename your picture by using dashes to differentiate strings like this.

Image Name should be like this: How-to-write-a-blog-post

If you are using a WordPress website or blog you just have to install these plugins to optimize the size your images.

  1. EWWW
  2. Autperformedoptimize

Post Length

Those blog posts are less informative that don’t have more words and these posts are not performed well in search engines, because these posts are less informative and no one takes interest in such a type of less informative post.

Of course, there are many exceptional cases, but for a general information blog, you have to write at least 500 words post for your blog or a webpage.

Tip: Analyze other posts of the same keyword and check how many words they have used in their blog post.

Internal Linking

Try to post links of your internal blog posts in your new posts so your audience can spend more time on your blog and check other related posts.

This will also help us to pass page rank to other web pages of your website/blog.

When you use an internal link in your post or web page try to use a Keyword as anchor text in your blog post and don’t try to overuse this technique in your blog post or website.

Note: Always make sure that use a relevant internal link that is related to your post.

External Linking

External linking is a procedure to post an outside website or post link to your website’s those post which is relevant to external links.

Whenever you link your website with an external website, you should link your website or blog post with trusted websites, and if you think they don’t have popularity and authority then you can use no-follow Tags and if the website is trustworthy you can use do follow tags.

This technique will make your website appear more credible.

By following these techniques you can get first-page ranking according to your NICHE and boost your website’s traffic.

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