Today, we are going to discuss Organic vs Paid marketing strategies the pros and cons that which strategy is best for your business marketing.

First, we will discuss Paid advertisement. There are 4 pros of paid advertisement that you need to know before starting a Paid Advertisement.

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                                        Organic vs Paid marketing strategies the pros and cons

Pros of Paid Advertisement

  1. Scaling up Quick: Paid advertisement help you to scale up in search results, as you spend more money you will get more traffic on your website.
  2. Target Regions: By using Paid advertisement you can target any region where you want to advertise your business if you want to advertise your business in Sydney, paid advertisement will show your business just in Sydney.
  3. Leverage Dayparting: One of the most important part in a paid advertisement that people are not using, for example, if your business timing is from 8 am to 5 pm and someone saw your ad at 8 pm which is closing time of your business and they are trying to reach you through call but you can’t pick up their call due to off time. Leverage Dayparting in the paid advertisement will help you to show your customers that what is your business timing and you can also include in paid advertisement and they will advertise your business during office time.
  4. Aggressive Landing Pages: Landing page is one of the most important part of PPC campaign. Because people will not read so much content if you want to convert them into your clients, you need to make a very informative short page for your audience.

Pros of Organic Marketing Strategies or SEO

  1. More Traffic Over Time: The most beautiful part of SEO or Organic Marketing strategies is that if you work slow or stop work for a short time you will not lose your traffic, you will get more traffic over time. But in the Paid advertisement when you stop spending money your traffic will be decline and in SEO if you slow down your traffic will never go away.
  2. SEO Traffic is Free: SEO is time taking but SEO traffic is totally free, you have to pay some people for link building and content creation for your business that will help you generate traffic for your business.
  3. Organic Listing Higher CTR

Overall SEO and Paid advertisement both are helpful for your business. If you are using paid ads you can easily control and track them where from where your traffic is coming and which country or city you have targeted. But in SEO you will get traffic from different regions it may be Canada, USA or Australia and you can’t control this traffic but this strategy will help you advertise your business in other countries that will help you to generate more higher leads.

SEO is slow than paid advertisement but the impact of traffic is higher than Paid advertisement because if you are performing SEO tactics your traffic will be permanent and it will not go anywhere else and in the Paid advertisement you will get a runtime traffic but you have to pay for this, you will pay high than you will get more traffic which is very costly.