Project Management

Building apps is no easy feat, so this is where project management comes into play. In a nut shell, project management is the first process when you bring your idea to us. Our project manager not only becomes our communication channel between you (our client) and our team of designers and developers, but helps with problem solving, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

What is the role of a project manager?

What is the role of
a project manager?

To help us bring your concept to life and to achieve our milestones, our
project manager (PM) will make sure that your projects deadlines are
being met, budgets are in check and there is a steady flow of

Aside from the basics, PM’S responsibilities also include:

• Helping bring your idea to life;
• Roadmapping the software development process;
• User experience and solving any problems the user will have;
• Manage teams to keep on track;
• Knows all parts of the app development process;
• Mitigate risks and add valuable insight and ensuring a smoother
development process with little to no extra costs or stops in

How we stay on schedule

No one likes missing deadlines, however sometimes they can be inevitable. Our team of developers work with Agile principles, meaning that our team can break a project up into several stages, involving constant collaboration with all involved.

Agile development is very transparent and helps us to provide you with more value for your investment. Productivity levels are higher than using traditional development methodology and you won’t be waiting several months to see something done. The Xenex development team work in sprints, allowing you to stay in control and make changes if and when needed.

To avoid delays, Xenex Media will stay on schedule by:

Backlog Planning

Think of it as a list of tasks required to support a bigger plan that results in your final product. Backlog planning generally consists of our PM prioritising a list of items that the team has agreed to focus on. Some examples of backlogs include user stories, bug fixes and changes to the apps existing functionality.

Sprint Planning

Your project manager will determine what needs to be achieved over a certain period of time and prioritise what can be delivered in the timeframe and how will the work need to be delivered in order to be achieved.

App Demos every few weeks

Developing apps can have many challenges, including testing phases throughout development. Having time to test is very useful throughout the testing of your application and helps our team to find bugs etc so we can start developing a solution as soon as possible.

Priority reviews

To avoid losing time and money, we review priorities throughout the process helping us to make the necessary adjustments if and when needed.

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