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Search Engine Optimisation

Our Gold Coast SEO services boost your rankings for target keywords, sending you a steady stream of targeted organic leads we’ll help you convert into paying customers.

Boost Google Rankings. Sell More Online.

We can offer you SEO services Gold Coast that can rank you on Google for your most important keywords. We have a team of search engine optimization Gold Coast, experts who can drive search engine traffic and convert visitors into paying customers!

Site Analysis & SEO Audit

It’s critical to undergo a technical analysis of your current position to uncover ranking roadblocks along with the areas that are already working to your advantage. The result is an in-depth report outlining recommended SEO strategies and solutions.

Research / Strategy

Keyword research, digital marketing strategy, SEO copywriting, inbound links – we cover the whole process. Our proven SEO for businesses will deliver a guaranteed ranking increase on Google for your most important target keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitor’s strategies and their overall performance provides insight into both the competitive nature of your industry and the right strategies for your brand. A comprehensive report is created that details research and tactics to ensure you outperform your competitors.

Link Building

The good inbound link profile is absolutely crucial to ranking for tough keywords – and it’s the part most SEO company Gold Coast do completely wrong. Good link building will get you to Page 1. Bad link building will get your website penalized.

so be careful!

Developing your online presence

Search Engine Optimisation for your website improves your visibility! SEO comes after launching a website. Without it, very few people are going to find your website. With it, you have the potential to acquire new costumers 24 hours a day, every day. An optimized website is going to appear in the search results of search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo and represents a high-quality source for the particular topic.

Conversion Optimisation

Higher conversions are going to increase your sales, bookings or visits!

Conversion optimisation is not just going to help your sales, but your SEO strategySearch engines reward websites with high conversion rates because it means it is user-friendly! If a user finds what he/she needs on your website easily, then a search engine is likely to improve your ranking!

What we can do to optimize your conversions:

  • Identify why you have a website and what you want potential customers to do with it
  • Create a call-to-action

Usability Scope: 

  • Does the user find information easily?
  • Is the design and layout confusing?

It is not only important to direct clients to your website, but not to lose them afterward! Don’t reinvent the wheel, but use simple and easy to use designs and processes!

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Great feedback from a satisfied client on our SEO services Gold Coast.

To The Xenex Media Team

I would like to pass on my thanks for the SEO work you have been doing for our website.

We tried a number of options to promote our website, from print advertising in magazines, letterbox drops, pay per click to search engine optimisation with another company, and nothing seemed to be making any difference. Then Jodie mentioned trying the search engine optimisation option with Xenex Media and it has made such a difference to the sales of our business. We signed up for a ten keyword campaign and 12 months later sales have tripled and are still climbing. Nothing has worked in promoting our business as well as SEO with Xenex and we are that impressed that we have now signed up for a 20 keyword campaign. Most of the first optimised 10 keywords are now on the 1st page of Google. While SEO is fairly costly, in the end, it has been the only effective form of advertising for our website and the cost has been more than made up for, in the return of profits.

One of the best features of the Xenex campaign is that they have done all the work to optimize the site. The first company we tried only made suggestion and then left us to carry them out, which we just didn’t have the time or understanding, to do. Xenex also gave us a money back guarantee on their success regarding a certain number of keywords, leaving us with the confidence that our money would be well spent.

We would recommend SEO Services Gold Coast with Xenex Media to anyone looking to make their website more visible on Google and achieve 1st page rankings for their most popular keywords. It has certainly worked for us and we have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Many Thanks


Nadine May

Founder, It's All About Kids Gifts