Image optimization is an important part of Search engine optimization to boost the ranking in images search. Image optimization not only help us to rank in image search it will also help us to boost the ranking of our website or post. Here, we will discuss some tips for Image Optimization according to the Search engine optimization to achieve better results in search engines ranking.

Use unique images according to the web page or blog post

User or audience always focus on the image first before reading the post or the content of the website, and its a human nature focus our attention to the image of post or website. So, always use unique and according to the topic images than you will get more impressions and shares of your images and posts where you are using those images. If you are using a WordPress website or blog then you can use Yoast SEO plugin that will help you to recognize that image is according to the topic or not.

Use highest quality formate for your images

Search engine always prefers or support high-quality resolution images and high-quality content. Web pages or blog post with poor quality images will appear distorted on a mobile or tablet screen. Never ever share your content with poor quality images.

Here, is some tips for you while choosing the image format for your website or a blog.

  1. For E-commerce website always use JPEG format, because this format provides high-quality resolution images with the smallest file size.
  2. Never use GIF format for large product image because there is no way to optimize the size of these images. If you want to use these images you can use them for Thumbnails or decorative images.
  3. You can use PNG format images as the alternate for both GIF and JPED formates. You can use these images for large products, Thumbnails and also use as decorative images for your website or blog post because these images are high resolution with small file size.

Here, is some Image optimization Tools that you can use to reduce the size of images but with high-quality image results.

  1. JPEG Optimizer
  2. Optimizilla
  3. ImageOptim
  4. Kraken.io
  5. Compressnow
Tips for SEO Image optimization

Include a caption with your image

Captions of images behave like a URL and captions are crawled by the search engines crawler. If you are using keywords with your image’s caption than if some using keyword associated with your image caption than they will find your page in search engines top results.

If you are using irrelevant images with and using irrelevant captions than it will increase the bounce rate of your website or blog and it will send poor signals to the Google search engine or other search engines about poor content and irrelevant images which will be a cause to a decline of your ranking n search engine result.

Use Alt Text to maximize your accessibility

Alt Text somehow ignored by the search engines but It will also help the audience to understand the relevance of your post or content and also raise your profile in search engines by helping the web crawlers better to understand your images. Similar captions and alt text help us to rank our web pages or blog posts in search engine results.


To get top results for our website or blog we need to focus on each and every step of Search engine optimization with proper implementation to achieve the results.

Image optimization is a part of On-page SEO Techniques which help us to rank in Web search engine results including Image search results to increase of Search engine ranking and boost our website traffic to generate the leads and reduce the bounce rate.

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