Every online business wants their business website design perfect and top in search engine ranking to compete with its competitors. So, for this, a business should design their website according to the rules of SEO. Here we are going to share a very informative article that will help you how to design an SEO friendly website for your business.

Steps how to design an SEO friendly website

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How to design an SEO friendly website

Keyword Research

When you are going to start designing a website for your business, start keyword research according to your business NICHE that will help you put your NICHE keyword into your website content including images and tags. This will help you to get ranking in search engine results, you can use different keyword tools for keyword research like Google Keyword Planner and UberSuggest.

Placing keywords strategical in your web

Keyword research is one of the complex tasks in SEO but adding but placing keywords strategically into your website content to get ranking in the search engine results is a more complex task. Here are the web areas where you need to include your keywords.

  1. Permalinks of your website pages, here you need to include your keyword in the permalinks of your website pages according to the topic of the page or article.
  2. H1, H2 and H3 headings of the pages or articles
  3. Meta title & Meta description
  4. Use keyword maximum 3 to 4 times in the content of your web page or article.
  5. Place keywords in the article according to the sentence of the content or article.
  6. Use long tail keywords for example if you are writing an article related to best web design companies in Australia you can use keyword Web design Gold coast like this “Xenex media is one of the best web design gold coast company in Australia offering web designing services.
  7. Use keywords in Anchor text that describe link properly like SEO company Gold coast this keyword defines an SEO services company in Australia.
  8. Keep your content according to the heading of your topic because Google Algorithm Rank Brain can easily detect your content is according to the heading of topic or not and if the content is not according to the heading then this algorithm will automatically down your ranking in search engine results.
SEO friendly website design, How to design an SEO friendly website, How to design an SEO friendly website in 2019

How to design an SEO friendly website

Keep your content update

Keep your website content update, because the audience always seeking for new content according to your NICHE and search engines keep checking that a specific website is updating their content or not according to the user’s demand.

Provide enough content

Major search engines typically require you to write the content of a web page or an article with minimum 300 words on each page. So, keep updating your website or blog content. Because content is king if you keep updating your website with content this will increase the search of your website and will help you to boost your ranking and traffic.

Image optimization

Optimize your image size according to the Google requirements and use keywords to Rename your images because by using keywords in the image name, you can get ranking in image search results plus by optimizing the image you can make your website loading speed fast.

Start building backlinks

After implementing these techniques or steps for SEO friendly web design. Now, you need to start building links for your website against different keyword terms to get more traffic and to boost your website ranking according to different keywords.

Note: Never buy backlinks for your website. Because search engine algorithms can easily detect which links are paid or organic. So always try to get organic backlinks for your website to get ranking against different keywords to boost your traffic.